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"Where nothing stands still..."

Well, it may be called 'Silver' but he's certainly struck gold with this one (groannnnnnnn!!!!!!). Seriously, though, for what is an essentially space synths album, there's one heck of a lot of movement within its seventy minutes, sounding fresh, alive and full of the energy of the universe.

The title track is a six-part, unbroken suite lasting around fifty three minutes and right from the start, it's a world of sweeping string synths, slowly flowing electronic rivers of richly textured cosmic soundscapes, deep bass synths that resonate and rumble, while, over the top of the core of the track, flickering , twinkling synths make their presence felt across the sonic spectrum.

The main body of the eight and a half minute track flows effortlessly forward and if ever you could describe a space synths track as "busy", then this is it, but in a good way, providing so much more than just drifts and drones, and extremely uplifting.

The eight and a half minute second part is, if anything, even stronger sounding with a sense of power to its massive sounding space synth spectra, as the river flows and synth layers flow over, above and around one another, the sea of synths providing a hint of rhythm whilst not actually being rhythmic, in other words there's a drive to the music that really makes you feel like you're traveling with it, albeit in the heavens a opposed to earthbound. The sounds are rich but deep, vibrant and yet dreamy, and the sheer construction of it all, a wonder to behold.

The seven minute third part still provides a full, expansive and seemingly infinite musical landscape, but here we return to the sound of space music purity as gorgeous layers of richly textured string and space synths all flow slowly across the horizon with grace and passion.

The thirteen minute fourth part features more eerie, altogether darker, space synths, complete with extra textures from other-worldly cosmic drifts and soundscapes that really add a new dimension to the soundscapes that are unfolding, at times tranquil, at others, a more organic and huge-sounding ocean of building, developing synth horizons that flow and drift with a strength that I rarely heard in such music.

The eleven minute fifth part actually does feature a light, slowly chugging background rhythm around the five minute point, having opened with a myriad space synth layers, as an almost sequencer-like rhythm slowly evolves amid bell-knells, teeth-rattling, rumbling bass synths, gorgeous synth clouds that drift in a blue sky as twinkling and choral synths sparkle all around, the whole combination providing a huge-sounding synthscapes that fills every bit of your space to glorious effect.

The suite closes with a four minutes of cosmic sculpting and space drifts that see the thing out in as strong a manner as the track has proved to be, with some beautiful space synths weaving some truly magical patterns.

The fourteen minute 'Time' is a wondrous slice of pure space synths magic with deep bass, multi-textured drifts and all sorts of subtle layers and sparkling synths around and inside the heart of the track.

Finally, the glorious textures of the space synths track that is the electronic cloud-formation of 'Afterglow', bring the album to the most beautiful of tranquil, strong and languid finales, an album of cosmic music that has been strong, substantial, immaculately arranged and produced, full of ideas, where nothing stands still but everything has a flow to it, and an album of complete consistency from start to finish.