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thom brennan soundworks: Press


The title of this work, "Satori" refers to a Buddhist state of enlightenment. It's an almost 72 minute long form work that captivates the listener from start to finish. Realized as part of a live studio improvisation, this work has a very serene and peaceful quality. Intricate crystalline washes and layers add and subtract from each other, and different synth tones ebb and flow.

There are subtle climaxes. This is music for relaxation and unwinding, but it is a serious composition. As the music glows and shimmers, the listener's perceptions change. New viewpoints and realities are revealed. "Satori" is an excellent soundtrack for focusing, meditation or self examination. Because of it's long form construction, excellent sonics, and consistent flow the listener can use as much or as little of this work as needed. Different moods can require shorter ar longer sessions.

Thom has created a cerebral work that will enhance the listener's spirituality, and provide a refreshing pause.

Dodds Wiley - (Sep 1, 2004)