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thom brennan soundworks: Press

Stars End Radio

Waves of sound roll towards the listener in seemingly infinite variations, each somewhat different from the next. The beauty of this album can be found in these minute departures. Brennan's music is geographical. It occupies a physical and philosophical location.

Chuck Van Zyl - Stars End (May 25, 2005)

The album Satori is a sonic representation of Thom Brennan's eternal awakening as an artist in electronic sound. This album is a continuation of Brennan's avocation wherein he infuses the spiritual solace of nature into a musical realization...

The gentle arc of the solitary title track rises and falls, ebbs and flows, sustains and transcends throughout its 71 minutes. Brennan paces the unfolding of beautiful synth layers and embracing atmospherics after the sky at dawn's ever-changing twilight or the sea calmly shifting and sparkling on a clear sunny day. The listener senses these subtle changes over the course of the piece, but we do not care to notice as the music becomes our travelling companion and folds our attention ever deeper inward.

The music is vast and spacious...There are nearly no worldly references for the listener to hang onto - the music is presented without a frame which would bring it down to a managable scale.

Satori is for an audience seeking a musical experience that will take them out of everyday life and into a place or state of mind where edges are fuzzy, dreams are visceral and the wind is warm on your skin.

Chuck Van Zyl - Stars End (Nov 29, 2002)