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"Beautiful, shimmering electronic soundscapes."
- Gianluigi Gasparetti, Deep Listenings

"There are nearly no worldly references for the listener to hang onto... a place or state of mind where edges are fuzzy, dreams are visceral and the wind is warm on your skin."
- Chuck Van Zyl, StarsEnd

"There's a drive to the music- like you're traveling with it, albeit in the heavens as opposed to earthbound... rich, deep, vibrant, dreamy."
- Andy Garibaldi, CD ServicesUK

"Breathtaking and sacred, offering up a sound that will take a willing listener into another realm of consciousness."
- Archie Patterson, Eurock

"Vista music, heart music, journey music for the expansive mind."
- Lee Underwood, Pulse Magazine

"Pure epochal texture"
- e / i Magazine.