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thom brennan soundworks: Bio

Inspired by landscapes of the American west, Thom Brennans' music defines a unique and organic style of electronic sound-painting... a colorful and private world of harmonic soundscapes and rhythmic journeys.

The landscape and natural world inspirations are often reflected in the titles, but behind the sound are a diverse range of influences- from the early guitar and organ sound "trips" of Pink Floyd,  the electric organ "mandalas" of Terry Riley; the sound sculptures of Morton Subotnik; the mantras of Popol Vuh; the pulsing synthetic soundscapes of Tangerine Dream, Heldon, and Klaus Schulze; the atmospherics of Robert Fripp and Brian Eno; and the electronic symphonies of Vangelis. Later influences run the gamut of eastern drones to Seattle grunge. All of this culminates into an "ambient impressionism"... soundtracks for the imagination often recorded during extended live improvisations... a shifting terrain of layered textures and thematic patterns creating an unfolding drama in sound, while remaining firmly anchored in the worlds of "ambient drone" and " ambient space".

The debut album "Mountains" was released in 1987 as an independent effort; with its "landscape" inspired titles stemming from early memories of time spent amidst the subtropical landscapes of Okinawa island. Produced and mastered by ambient pioneer Steve Roach at his then Los Angeles based Timeroom studio, and who subsequently produced the following 2 releases - "The Path Not Taken" and "Beneath Clouds" for the Italy based Amplexus / Arya label. This partnership included contributions to the 1988 Steve Roach album "Western Spaces", which also featured work from Michael Stearns, Richard Burmer, and Kevin Braheny. 

Following a move to Seattle, "Mist" was released in 2000, the concept again inspired by the natural world - the "Moss Cathedrals" - temperate rain forests of the American Pacific Northwest. It also marked the start of the private CD label RainGarden Music.

Recordings have appeared on Rubicon Records (Canada), Phonogram (France), Amplexus / Arya (Italy), IC Records (Germany), Space For Music, Zero Music, Projekt,  Fortuna, and his own RainGarden Music.